The Letters were received at the same moment worldwide at major centers of law enforcement, or at the homes of those who ran the centers if they were not in their offices. Most considered the letter they received a hoax, and filed it away as such. a precious few took the letter seriously and began investigating, but to little avail. Other than the fact that they learned that other groups had received letters, little else could be gleaned. The paper was mass-produced printer paper, and it seemed that it had been sent through a typewriter to leave the following message:

To Whom it May Concern,

You have been chosen to receive this letter because you have the ability to affect the criminal landscape to some noticeable degree either directly or indirectly. This ability is needed because in six months I shall begin my final game, the last in a long series that you have all played in. You may not have known that you were then, but I want you all to know now, for what is victory if none recognize it? I have forgotten my courtesies, however. You shall come to refer to me as Mr. E. This is a rather pretentious title, I am aware, but I beg your indulgence. I have earned the right to take pride in myself, for I have finally achieved my aim of gaining a measure of control over all major criminal activities on the globe. There are, of course, crimes I have no hand in. I am no deity. I can, however, eradicate any person I wish, acquire any item I desire, and topple all of the wretched societies of this world into anarchy given enough time. This is what I intend to do. Why am I informing you of my plans? The answer is simple.

I want you to prove me wrong.

I am giving the power of law six months from the time this letter was delivered to prepare before I proceed to tear it all down. People will die. Items will be taken. This world shall crumble. That is, unless people can be found that can stop my machinations. It makes no difference to me who they are. They may be criminals or detectives, mercenaries or hackers. They may work as a team or work solo. All I request is that they are the best people you can field. They need to be, or this final game of mine shall be far too easy. If someone is chosen, I shall give my word that I shall remove any influence I had in their lives. They shall be yours as fully as they themselves wish to be.

Once more, the game begins in six months from the moment this letter was delivered. Choose your pieces carefully, for I have already chosen mine. Catch me if you can.

Your faithful enemy,
Mr. E


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