Mr. E

A whispered rumor in a back alley...


There are some who say he is a man who learned the secret of eternal life and took up crime out of boredom. There are some who say she used to be an investigator who went so deep undercover that she couldn’t get out. There are some who say they are the Illuminati, the Templars, the Freemasons, aliens, or the government. There are some who say it is the very first supercomputer, evolved and determined to prove its superiority.

Most just say that there is no such being.

According to a rare rumor, there is someone pulling the strings of every major criminal and criminal organization in the world, even if it’s indirectly. The story has been around for at least hundreds of years, of course. Some shadowy force that could never be caught who directs others to do their work. Most everyone interested in whether there is a grain of truth to this tale has given up, and almost every law enforcement official scoffs at the idea.

Then came the Letters.

Mr. E

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